[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Mugen Styles – King Midas Lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


Don’t get caught with that shit/

[Verse 1]
Vacuum pack my weed/
So you can tell the cops to Dyson/
Tamalhi with the beat/
So I’ll need a side of rice and…/
My jeans levi/
Keep you trapped in my rhymes/
Honeypot, where’s the beehive?/
Leave yo ass behind/
In the dust/
In the dark/
All bite/
No bark/
Snap on a fool
Like some ginger/
Late night, like Conan/
Tinder moments/
Have Faith, it’s Spring Break/
Selena Gomez/

[Verse 2]
Send yo ass home on a bus/
Looks like your trip was a bust/
Saw you slip, you sus ass bitch/
Getting rid of you was a must/
Huff, puff, I would blow my trust fund/
Never got one/
Scattered thoughts, like the scattershot from a shotgun/
My minds gotten hazy/
Constant with the maybes/
Unresponsive lately/
Got me so wavy, up and down/
Play me out/
I’m exiting the building/
And leaving all my feelings… to burn/

And when the fire rises/
I’m golden, king midas/
(he’s got the touch)/
And when the fire rises/
I’m golden, king midas/
(he’s got the touch)/

[Verse 3]
No more keeping my shit lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Mugen Styles – King Midas Lyrics download mp3 up on the backburner/
I stack what I earn, paper turnin’ up, like turnip season/
I see the green, start pluckin’, like some money trees/
Leave nothin’, no leaves, but always plant da seeds/
But wait, I’ve been deceived/
This shit doesn’t mean a thing/
Cha ching, cha ching, cha ching/
Dollars signs, people’s eyes light up/
Slot machine, cherry’s ring out you’re a winner/
But chords Mugen Styles – King Midas Lyrics lyrics you’re missing out on dinner with your family/
Trynna bring home cord kord chord Mugen Styles – King Midas Lyrics kunci gitar bread that’s already in the pantry/
If you wanted comic relief, then call Stan Lee/
Cause I’m dead serious (Sirius), last name Black/
Turn my back on my blood, for judging me/
No Judy, just moody bitches making no point/

But with this studio, I’m blocking out all the noise/
Go and turn my beats up, I’m entering the void/
Like I was killed in Japan/
The only reason I need to make my music/
Is that I can/